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Many events that happen in our everyday lives could be seen as divinatory. For example if you’re rushing around like crazy and your car breaks down in the middle of your errands, you might take that as a message to slow down. But don’t fall into the trap of assigning divine meaning to everything that happens in your life. Some things that happen really are just random events. As Freud stated, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

Have you ever flipped a coin to make a decision about something? If so, then you’ve used divination.

Divination means simply making the unknown into the known. Many cultures all around the world have some form of divination tools or rituals, many of which are from very ancient customs and practices. Some examples of different divination systems are the Tarot Cards, I-Ching, Scrying, Runes, Tea Leaves and using a pendulum.

Those who believe that divination works, believe that all matter, whether “living” in the traditional sense or not, has an innate energy and that all things are connected through this energy. When you are working with objects, whether it be tarot cards, runes, bones or tea leaves, those objects are connected to / part of an energy that encompasses all of creation. It’s as if all objects are alive. Believing and accepting that everything on earth is connected thru this base level energy that encompasses all of creation makes it easy to believe that everyday objects and events have meaning and may be trying to “tell you something” or that you can use specially designed tools to find answers to questions about things that have not yet happened.

One general type of divination is the reading of omens, which is the most primitive method. Historical Chinese records indicate mentions of unusual weather events and uncommon births. Even many modern day ranchers will learn how to predict the weather for up to a few weeks just using his intuition only. Information such as this was used in long-range planning, and may even have been the impetus to our modern-day scientific method.

One theory on how divination works is that the information obtained comes from our unconscious/subconscious mind. Our minds constantly process data and information that we are not aware of at the time. It’s feasible that this “data bank” is accessed during divination. The unconscious mind picking up the power of creation around all of us may physically determine how Tarot cards are ordered or how the runes are cast.

A different aspect of this theory explains that the events may really be truly random. The Tarot cards are shuffled and laid out in a certain way but the cards are totally separate from each other and in arbitrary patterns. The subconscious mind interprets the patterns and relationships of the cards instead of determining the patterns themselves.

Another theory describing divination is called synchronicity, which states that separate events may actually be meaningfully connected. Arbitrary events, no matter how disconnected they seem, contain meaning and wisdom if their hidden meaning can be ascertained. For certain types of divination such as Tarot or runes the synchronicity theory is a common explanation. How accurate the divination will depend upon the reader.

From the dawn of mankind and its first known religious figures there has always been people that claim to have seen the future and or spoken to the gods and been given detailed descriptions of events that are yet to happen. Most of these people would give credit for that knowledge to some deity or another for lack of any better explanations, no-one could ever believe that such power was from within themselves.

Many if not almost all of these visions have been after some kind of ritual or some period of preparation. One of the things most commonly done during these rituals of preparation was the centering of the mind and finding inner peace. Although methods varied quite drastically from each religion to the next the concept of inner peace and center of the mind or the separation of mind and body was always the final objective of that preparation time.

Everyone is taught to believe that only a Prophet of God or Messenger of one Deity or another can see the future and only because that God/Deity has chosen to show them this vision. Not many years ago this world was racked with fear of witches and demons. For years the Christian Church burned and tortured people for practicing rituals that were considered witchcraft, teaching the masses that this was evil work brought to us by the Devil.

For many people it is a learned response to ignore those images that we could see as children because it is what we have been taught for many many generations is only our imagination and if the vision is real then it is proof that we are not normal or that we are possessed by evil or that we must devote our life to some deity to show our gratitude for having such powers of knowledge.

Those Prophets and Visionary’s that prepare themselves for these visions search for that same inner peace and harmony that they felt naturally when they were a child. It stands to reason that if we learn how to ignore the feelings and images as we grow older then we should also be able to find those same feelings and images when we search for them intentionally. With time, patience and practice most people can learn how to find inner peace of soul and harmony with the chaos that surrounds them.

Once you have done that it is easy to find the center of your being and draw on the untapped energies which will allow you to know in your heart what is coming. Not everyone will have visions of graphic color and vivid reality (in fact very few are blessed with that gift also since artistry and clairvoyance are two entirely different things).

For many people it is easier to focus their mind on images that they understand if they one tool or another. The tools themselves have very little to do with what the Clairvoyant/Seer is doing, as they really are just a visual aid for focusing the minds of all participants involved. All thru history there was always a small percentage of visionary’s and clairvoyants that would use no tools and only needed a few minuets to focus on the subject. These are the truly gifted ones. They understand how to find that part of their mind that sees past the physical and tangible and accept this ability for what it is with out fear.

For a person to be able to use any type of divination tools or even to just use their own minds inner eye they must first believe that it is with-in human ability to do so. This is not to say that they must be firm believers, only that they must have an open mind that is willing to accept that possibility. Those that do believe firmly that this ability is real do have much clearer visions so long as the subject has an open mind.

Almost every clairvoyant and seer has used tools more for the subject of the reading to focus on, rather than for the reading itself. The tools that they use are the ones that they are most comfortable with.

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